Mt Kenya to Nairobi

Ahh the rain has stopped.  Last night was our last night of camping as we plan to move to Nairobi and the Hotel Ole Sereni today.   But as usual before bustling off we had to go check out the waterfall that was close by and Stefan wanted to have a swim in the river.

We had done to date over 10000 km in just under 4 weeks.  We had lived out of the car and collected enough dust and mud to build a small house.  Our goods are absolutely full of dust and sand and now mud.  I don’t think my car will ever be the same again.  The damages to the car are the pimped front left bumper, the windscreen has a massive chip and the glass ceiling at the back has also cracked.  The protection plates on the underside of the car complained a few times and those look a little bent and then we have a tyre that is history and will need to be replaced.  I’d say that’s not bad for the distance we traveled and on the roads we have traveled.  The car has done well. On the way to Nairobi we stopped in Thika, filled with fuel again, had the car pressure washed, checked tyres and went and topped up on groceries for the trip back to South Africa. After all this travel every day delivers something new.

The Hotel Ole Sereni borders the Nairobi National Park and is outside of Nairobi central and very close to the airport.  We will check in, have a decent bed, a great shower, a room that does not smell of smoke and best of all a good nights sleep.

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  1. Rod Bell says:

    really enjoying the updates guys. Give my best to the Ole Serini. My favourite Nairobi lunchtime view from the deck into the national park

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