So that‘s it. I‘ll have a shuttle to the airport at 1 am. My flight to Istanbul leaves at 4:20 am and I will be back in Germany tomorrow afternoon. I very much look forward to seeing my wife and my kids again. At the same time, today, when the car was washed and the dust we had collected over 4 weeks came off, I was quite sad, as I realized that our trip was indeed coming to an end for me.

Mark and I had a blast. It was an epic trip. We travelled more than 10000 km through 6 countries. What do we take away? Africa is a beautiful continent. The people we met throughout were extraordinarily friendly and hospitable.

Not once did we feel threatened or uncomfortable.

We also realized what positive attitude many of the people we met have, despite them not having running water or electricity. Things that we normally take for granted.

The trip has also worked well because Mark and I share a passion for being vagabonds. We both loved going from place to place, seeing different places and landscapes and meeting interesting people throughout our journey. The memories we were able to collect will be unforgettable. We will likely not be able to do anything like this any time soon.

We would like to thank everybody who has helped and supported us to make this experience possible for us. Our families, our employers and colleagues, who had to go an extra mile to fill in for us, and also thank you for traveling with us. We hope you enjoyed it!

i would like to thank Mark for sharing this epic adventure with me. And even if the trip can not be completed to Cairo as originally planned, I believe it still means a lot to both of us and we will always cherish these memories.

For Mark the journey continues, just with a different crew: He will pick up his wife Martina from the airport tomorrow morning and continue the journey together with her back to Johannesburg. I wish them safe travels, and hopefully you won‘t need the first aid kit, just like we never needed it.

Take care! And next time you switch on the tap or the light, do appreciate it!

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  1. WW says:

    Asante sana makes safari njema!

  2. WW says:

    Asante sana na safari njema!

  3. Stuart says:

    Hey Stefan
    Well done and a fantastic trip.
    Glad most of the stuff worked out, pity about the early end.
    Mark keep trucking trust the rest of the journey will be great for you amd Martina
    Keep us updated 👍🏻🙂

  4. AP says:

    Thank you for taking us along. Africa is indeed a passionate continent that one just takes it in while doing what you have done. Congratulations.

    Asante sana, Enkosi Kakhulu

  5. Sabine says:

    What a journey. Thanks for sharing it with us on this blog.

  6. Reimund Kloos says:

    Thanks Stefan and Mark for the terrific impressions of Africa and for sharing it on this blog.

  7. Reimund says:

    Thanks Stefan and Mark for the fantastic impressions of Africa and for sharing it with us on this blog.

  8. Christoph says:

    Komm gut nach Hause, Stefan! Beneide Dich um die Erfahrung und war gerne via Blog dabei. Danke dafür!

  9. Dulli says:

    gratulations! great tour & experience! hope the shock will not be too big 4U when back in job! But we have Sozialberatung 🙂
    CU @ my EoS in June.

  10. William says:

    Congratulations ! Thank you for sharing a amazing adventure with us

  11. Heidi and Roelf Kloosterman says:

    I really enjoyed reading your travel blog! We are doing research on our trip from Pretoria to Spain. Overlanding to Egypt, shipping the car to Europe in Alexandria. We are planning to leave mid September and this has certainly helped us a lot regarding planning of the first leg of our trip. Wishing you a safe trip back home!

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