Leaving RSA


We checked into Richterveld national park with an hour to spare.  Potjiespram campsite was empty and we camped on the river bank,  taking a walk to the actual river and just enjoying stretching our legs and taking in the raw beauty.

We left Potjiespram early the next morning .  At Sendlingsdrift our first issue of the day was to fill fuel, which took us 10 min to fill and 50 minutes for the lady to get a signal on her credit card machine. I went to the small store where you can draw cash for a fee of R10 for every hundred you draw. R70 later I had paid my bill and we were going through customs and border control and paying for the ferry.  This all went effortlessly and with no one else using this border.  The Namibian side was also easy and after paying road tax we were on our way.  There was no discussion of meat being taken into the country which is what I had been expecting.  Unfortunately it was now 11 am and thus no time for us to visit the Fish River Canyon and make it to Sesriem before dark.

Our next small challenge was we picked up a stone puncture in the centre of the left rear tyre.  Stopped and popped a plug in and within 5 min we were back on the road.

The drive to Sesriem was long with  roads going through endless beautiful majestic desert. I loved it.  Sesriem the accommodation was simple and functional with hot showers and running water.  We were warned not to leave anything outside as the Jackals would come in the evening and either eat it or destroy it.  I set up my camera trap and sure as …an hour later the jackals were there.

Early in the  morning we joined the queues to visit Sossusvlei which was another 65 km from where we had camped.  This world heritage site is truly magnificent and well worth the visit.  We climbed the dune overlooking the vlei and shot gigabytes worth of images.  On the way out we had the garage next to our campsite put a proper patch onto the tyre, which later in the day leaked again so in with another plug and all was good.

On the way to Windhoek we drove through a massive black storm with lots of lightning. It was great to see the rain smashing into the dry ground.  They don’t get rain often here so to see it rain is special.


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  1. Sabine says:

    Dear Mark,
    We wish you a very happy birthday. What a great opportunity to celebrate it in the African dessert.
    Your photos are stunning!
    Cheers Sabine & Francois

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