From Namaqua to the Orange River


The next morning was beautiful. We went down to the sea to get some salt water to wash our dishes, made tea and coffee, and left early to get going.

Mark was excited to get into some serious 4×4 driving as we needed to go up along the coast through some rather soft sand. In preparation, we lowered the tyre pressures to 1.2 bar resp. 1.5 bar for front and rear tyres. Going through soft sand, one apparently needs a certain minimum speed in order not to get stuck, independent of any concerns passengers may have…

At Boulderbaai we inflated the tyres back to normal. I was impressed: the Landrover has an integrated airpump under the hood! Continuing further through Namaqua park, we saw several ostriches and Springbok.

We stopped briefly in Kamieskroon, where Mark’s daughter had worked on a conservation project and in Springbok to do some shopping and to top up liquids: fuel, water and beer.


Now continuing our drive further north towards Sendelingsdrif, the landscape had changed significantly since we left Capetown. We are driving through long stretches of very arid land with hardly and vegetation. Tonight, we will camp at Pootjiespram on the banks of the Orange River, which we had already seen on the first day, and which forms the Southern border of Namibia here.

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