On the way


Got into River Destiny lodge night before last at just on midnight, after missing the turnoff at Gariep dam.  The lodge is right next to the N1, and the Orange River, however without direct access to the N1 and this means an extra few kilometers to get there.  A very nice spot, and after a quick set up and a beer we both slept .  It was a little chilly and not being prepared for the colder weather we slept fully clothed to stay warm.

The Orange River taken at dawn break

The next morning we made a quick of coffee, paid the bill and were on our way to cover the 808km needed to reach Cape Town.  “The road is long with many a winding turn….” Around Lainsburg we stopped for our first fuel fill and shocked the attendant when 166 liters later he said “jislaik dis noe eers vol”.  Next to the petrol station was the Lainsberg Hotel, The Cafe Hart, which we were advised to try the local food and we duly did, walking away with a lamb curry and a lamb pootjie . Stopping next to the roadside we tucked into our meal. Absolutely delicious.  I would recommend it to you to stop by this old hotel and try their lamb dishes.

Next stop Cape Town !

early morning coffee
The long road – Laignsburg
Lunch stop next to the N1
Laignsburg lamb pootjie and lamb curry
The Cafe Hart, Laignsburg Hotel

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