A week to go


18 months ago we started preparing with the aim of not having a last minute rush.  I must be really poor at implementation or I just underestimated how much needed to be done as our “To Do” list is still not checked off.  Quite a few of the topics are only addressable in the last few days which we were aware of and planned for but we did not want some of the fundamentals still to be outstanding.

The good things are, that our Visas are all in place and the Carnet de Passage is ready to be collected next week.  The medical kit is completed and packed , the rear seats have been removed, the water tank and fridge are in place, and both are strapped down, the light bar and all wiring, including second battery has been completed, the drawers , kitchen, roof top tent, awning are all ready to be fitted and work.  But, on the mechanical side the car still needs a service, wheel alignment, fitment of the extra tyre carrier, collection of water filtration unit and a few other odds and ends, which although small need to be completed.  There is additional effort still needed in rechecking our paperwork, insurance, extraction cover, licences, car documentation etc, by country.

At the same time work goes on and there is additional effort in making sure that while we are away for the time period, that no balls are dropped, customers are not neglected and the business continues as it should. We are confident that it will, thanks to our great teams and a fairly well established infrastructure.

Time waits for no one and as much as we wanted to be fully ready and prepared 2 weeks prior to departure, the truth is there is a scramble to get finished.  Its almost like the closing of my business quarter 😊

Of course I also have to fix the oil leak….

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  1. Christian G. says:

    Dear Stefan, I cross fingers that everything will go well. But adventure is defined by not all can be planned and forseen. Mostly the unexpected in the essence of an adventure. Good and bad – looking back every moment belongs to an adventure. Most important is that you will return home save and master all unexpected things as good as you can. I am looking forward to follow you here in this chat and be part of your trip remotely from office and home. I am jealous and admire both of you for making this trip. All the best – save trip!!! Christian

    1. Stefan says:

      Thank you for your support and your kind comments, Christian! We look forward to the unexpected and will report here 🙂
      All the best, Stefan

  2. Stuart says:

    Running out of time PM 101 and don’t show me the middle finger LOL.
    Just a check to make sure the site sends you comments

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