a race to finish preparations

With less than 30 days to go I feel pressure to get everything done. Visas we can only apply for at the last minute so that they don’t expire before we even get to the relevant country. The Carne’ de Passage is expensive and the timing of that must also be last minute so that we don’t waste any money. The car is having its electrics completed as we speak and as usual “we can get this done in 2 days” was the statement and the car is still there with some complications.  The kitchen is complete, but the dry run I did, down to Durban highlighted some rattles and shortcomings which need to be resolved.  Luckily we did a dry run and it rained the first night, highlighting that the roof top tent was not waterproof! A new flysheet and all was back on track.  The last bits of the medical kit were delivered today so this week I will be checking them against the inventory and packing them. We work to get on top of the last few topics always asking…”What have I forgotten?” and “What if?”

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  1. Bellalize Steenkamp says:

    Take dollars for bribes. Enough! 😊

  2. Andi says:

    Keep rockig.
    Respect for the decisson to make a sabatical. It will be a good roll modell for colleagues.

    Have fun and enjoy.

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