Lusaka travelling East to Chipata, Zambia

Eureka ! We had found a campsite and the campsite was actually called Eureka! We found what we thought was a great spot to set up our tent and relax. While braaiing the engineers in us found a way to suspend the chicken just the right height above the fire, as only engineers can do. As it got darker a spotlight, for what seemed bright enough for a runway, was turned on to improve security and we were bathed in its full glory. It stayed on the whole night but eventually did not bother us. Inebriation makes things darker.

Engineering ….

I woke with some weird tearing type sound close to our camp. The sun was not up yet but it was dawn. I looked out the roof top tent and saw below us next to our car zebras and a giraffe!! right there next to us! Brilliant I woke Stefan and we agreed this was a good symbol that today was going to be another magic day in Africa

Good morning wildlife !!

It was unfortunately not to be. Now you know how loyal the Land Rover owners are and we always want to check that everyone in this family is ok, so we decided to pay Land Rover Lusaka a visit and show our appreciation of such a great car. The main driver of this loving visit was because yesterday when activating the handbrake it sounded as if a machine gun was going off. So onto the internet and finding our Land Rover family of friends and we are currently sitting here in their workshop with the car being stripped to resolve our militant handbrake issue.

This means we need to modify our trip as we have lost time here at the Land Rover Lodge and we will proceed directly to Chipata which is on the Malawian border.
While I was getting very friendly with the Land Rover crew Stefan was out getting himself connected. He walked down the road to a small roadside kiosk and met with Innocent and Mandu that sold him a Zambian Zim card for 1 euro. The whole set up took less than 15 minutes and hopefully we can now be more connected while driving and in the evenings once camping.
The road from Lusaka to the Luangwa river is ok with a few potholes.  After the Luangwa river the road is really good again, although it seems very dangerous as many of the curves through this hilly area had their arm co barriers forcibly removed. On two occasions we saw pantechnicons on this side or upside down where the drivers had lost it on a corner.

Luangwa river bridge and a police control
Luangwa River
Roll over , one of a few

All along this route are police blocks but they don’t do a thing, so we wave smile and drive through.

We are almost at Chipata and have found a cool camping spot called Mama Rulas and we called here and she said there is accommodation and will prepare 2 steaks for us on our arrival.  Its been a long day.

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  1. Axel says:

    You’re both great writers. Could also be a second career. I really enjoy your trip report. By the way… I’d be skeptical about the claim that the bridge can carry 55t :-).

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