Caprivi to Livingstone, Zambia

It rained almost the whole night letting up at around 5am in the morning which led to a magnificent sunrise.  The cold showers rectified our foggy heads from last night’s Tequila binge.  A quick coffee and tea and the leftover vetkoek we had bought on the side of the road the day before and we were on our way by 8am.

Sunrise on the Okavango River
Dawn breaking at Ngepi Camp

The rain the night before had created small lakes in our exit path.  With water splashing everywhere as we drove through them our exit was to say the least, dramatic.

Playing in puddles

The road up to Katima Malilo is good and was uneventful, with no wild elephants in the road except their dung.  The vegetation totally different to where we had been yesterday.

We got to the border at around 13:00 and started the whole process.  The Namibian exit went well and rather smoothly.  The Zambian side, we took our Prozac and smiled for the next 90 minutes as we were ushered from one office to the next and at each one, we had to pay or fill out a form, but we got through it without a strain and what was really nice was the fact that there were no queues.  The people were friendly, and I took a photo of the process poster for future travelers with their own vehicle.  We crossed the mighty Zambezi into Zambia.

Once in Zambia we stopped at the first village for a beer and a local meal. Pap and chicken.  It was tasty and cost around 5 euro… for both of us!.

From there the road was fair with many animals on the road until we got to Livune. From here and all the way to Kazangula the road was absolutely horrific with huge potholes that would swallow a mini, never mind a tyre.  Progress was really slow and painful and tested my patience to the limit.

We had not pre-booked so when we got to Livingstone we asked where to camp and were guided to a campsite called Riverside Lodge on the Zambezi river.  As it was late and we had had a long day the first thing was to try out the WiFi at the river deck bar.  Of course, we had to have a hydraulic sandwich to sustain us.  We ordered Bream (fish) for dinner and it was absolutely outstanding.

Thank goodness for decent internet connection this evening that we can deliver our posts. Watch out for one of  our next blogs that will be on the features of our vehicle and our set up.

Cheers from the Zambezi.

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  1. Stuart says:

    I am envious.
    Moving up the bucket list priority

  2. Motoko says:

    I could hear the sound of rain and felt water splash while reading this article.
    You are a poet.,,

  3. Quint Kloppers says:

    Guys, there is big rain heading your way. Watch the weather as you head to Malawi. Take care!

  4. Willie Van Wijk says:

    Wow! I can imagine waking up with such a beautiful sunrise. What an experience. I would like to hear every thing and more…..OK not every thing. Enjoy the journey.

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